I have been on somewhat of an accessories binge lately in my preparation for spring. I don't know about you, but I'm usually on a budget (and mine is officially shot to hell - but don't tell my husband), and so I try to top up each season on only pieces that will accent what I already have in a new way. This way I don't need to buy a whole new set of clothes each season. Luckily I have been on the whole minimal thing for awhile, so I've been stockpiling black and white and grey spring/summer attire. And honestly, I work from home..with a how many clothes do I really need?! 

This season, since I have so much black/grey/white already in my wardrobe, I've been heavily focusing on accessories to freshen up things that I may be bored of.

I haven't bought any jewellery in awhile because the little guy loves to grab anything I wear and anything too dainty is in serious danger when in his presence, so I decided to splurge on this set of rings and matching bracelet from THP. They are just so bold and fun, and really accent the few other things I have nicely. And they are sturdy enough that Hunter wont snap them and make his mama cry. I don't wear heels because I'm really tall and I hate to be extra tall, so I am LOVING this sneaker trend. Adidas is one of my best freelance clients, so I am more than happy to support by buying some new kicks every few months (not that they need my money - I'm pretty sure they're okay on that front...I'm just using that as an excuse to buy things). And a fresh pair of pointy booties is always a good thing - thank you zara for your reasonable prices making this possible for me. And a fresh bag doesn't hurt either, right? This bag is also from Zara. 

And can't these sneakers just stay this white forever? I'm afraid to wear them because I don't want to get them dirty. Know what I mean?




new in.

I have been working on this launch for quite awhile. Since I am a new mom myself, I wanted to do something specific for babies that wasn't paper based. And this seemed like the perfect solution! Who doesn't want something custom for their little one, that they can keep forever as a memento. It's definitely a statement piece. And it can grow with their decor as they age.

These also make a perfect gift - and they come wrapped beautifully so that you don't have to re-wrap - or you can just ship direct to your giftee! (And we'll include a hand lettered card with it if you want too!)

Check out the details here


mom jeans.

Back in the 90's, I think I loathed this style of jean more than anything. I remember my sister and I pledging never to wear tapered pants, or 'mom jeans'. But somehow they have come back into style and I don't hate it. It's weird how style works. I guess it is just how our perceptions change. When I first put these jeans on I hated them. I had to try them on a second time to realize they weren't so bad - they are actually kind of fun. Something a little different than the skinny jeans I have been rocking for years. Who cares if they are 90's...the 90's we fun! Dance mix '95 is still one of the favourites in my household. Seriously. I may have only be 7 years old then...but it brings back good memories!

So if you are not afraid of the 'mom jean'. Give these puppies a try. Details below. 

jeans topshop jacket similar top similar sneakers adidas


I've teamed up with the lovely Allison Asis of Cadette Jewelry, to bring you this awesome collaboration!

The Special Edition CadettexMelo art print is now available in the shop - and we are having an instagram contest to win this amazing Cadette ring and this awesome print. So hop over to @melo_and_co on Instagram now to participate in the contest! Contest ends February 23, 2016. 

And while you're at it, check out Cadette Jewelry. Her stuff is gorg. And I want to buy everything but I'm on a serious budget. I hate budgets. Why can't I just be a millionaire and buy everything? Right?!


new sh!t.


I'm pretty pumped about all the new stuff in the shop. I've been hustling like crazy trying to get this stuff together and still take care of my little person and husband and dogs. And myself (!)  So I hope you like these newbies.

Get to shopping, peeps!


make a statement.

It was SO freaking cold when we took these photos, so we didn't bother to find the perfect white background - which is way more difficult than you would imagine. We've actually been in trouble with security before while trying to shoot with white backgrounds. So sometimes I get lazy. Especially when it's cold! I may not look freezing in these photos - but trust me, I am. It is really quite challenging to not look cold when it's -16 and you are frozen, but you're trying to look cool. Also, I'm not cool. I don't even think the word cool is 'cool' anymore. Maybe they say 'dope' now. I have no idea. 

Anyways, winter style to me is all about coats, and statement accessories. I will just wear the same basic shit all the time, but throw on some fabulous accessory. Take this coat for example, I've had it in my closet for years, and when I really want to make a statement, I bring it out. It is quite a statement. Especially at the grocery store apparently. Not even joking...we totally went grocery shopping after shooting this and I think people were looking at me funny. And no, I'm not paranoid, I just may have been a tad overdressed. I can't stop it though, that's just who I am.

So feel free to wear your faux fur to the grocery store so that I am not the only one.