As the first style post of 2016 - I wanted to make sure this was a good one. So naturally I made my husband take more photos than usual. In the freezing cold. Poor guy! But I think he's becoming quite the photographer now, no? You'd never know there was a construction worker behind the lens. Ha! 

So, this trend of adidas superstars has been going for a little while now, and I have resisted the urge to purchase new sneakers, as I already have SO many. But Adidas is my biggest freelance client, so I thought, what the heck. Let's get 'em. And I guess because of this trend, the womens superstars that I wanted were all sold out, and so I decided to get the mens black ones. I am super happy with this decision as I am loving the black ones actually! I like how the white stripes pop against the black. These really work for me, especially since I normally wear black pants. 

This outfit is really just what I wear out to do errands around town. I'm really too tired to put much effort in these days because my little person is resisting sleep training fairly vehemently. So a black tee or sweater, with black pants and bag is the usual, and then I'll throw on a different coat or hat and sneakers to change it up a bit. It's like fashion math, really. That's how I like to think of it at least. There's, like, a formula for each outfit. Basic + Basic + Basic + Fabulous coat or accessory or whatever = Awesome Outfit. No?

So enjoy the photos that my husband froze his butt off for (even though I told him to layer up - but of course he doesn't listen!).

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free january calendar download


So to welcome in 2016, I've decided to give away a free printable January calendar. Because you want your desk to be awesome. And I want it to be awesome too. So here it is! Download your calendar here (right click on the link and click 'download linked file' in dropdown menu)


hello twenty sixteen.

As this year draws to a close, I'd like to say thank you to twenty fifteen for giving me a really tough year. No, really. Out of the many (MANY) struggles and challenges that life has thrown at me, I have learned, and I have grown, and I am happier for them all. Let's hope twenty sixteen is less challenging - but also rewarding!!?

Now, I'm not a fan of resolutions. I haven't made any for a few years at least. I am more in favour of goal setting - and I am constantly making new goals, and new lists of things that I intend to accomplish. My thought about resolutions is that they are made to be broken. "Oh, I'm going to go to the gym EVERY DAY this year! And lose 50lbs!!". Really? You are? If you want to try, please, be my guest. But it's not my thing. I'd rather make a goal instead of a crazy lifestyle change, as I like to think that I have a pretty healthy lifestyle, and I don't need to change much, apart from maybe working less and relaxing more. But that's not going to happen any time soon. Let's get real. 

Goals aren't just about this year - they could happen 5 years down the road, or two days from now, and it's something positive to work towards. Rather than beating yourself up for being a bad girl or boy last year, and attempting to redeem yourself by being extra amazing this year, let's try putting a positive thought out there into the great big universe, and working towards it diligently. While still remaining realistic (and enjoying life) in the process. And feel free to revise this goal list at any time during the year. This is not something that you just do on new years day, and then by February it's forgotten. Keep doing it. All year! Don't be one of those people who buys a gym membership on January 3rd, and then only uses it until like January 10th...when they become too exhausted from life and give up on the dream. Honestly, we should all try to stop making weight loss a resolution anyways - let's make the goal to just be healthy and happy in the new year. YES!? 

So get out your best notebook, and your best pen, and get to making your goal list. And just write down things that you want in your life - even if you don't know how you are going to get there - just set the intention, and you will do it (or not! if you revise and decide that goal is not for you anymore, that's okay too!). Twenty Sixteen is our year, people. So hop to it. 



DIY gifting

So, if you're like me and you are on a budget, then you may want to be somewhat creative with your gifting, while still giving something that people will love! You can't give them some cheap crap, because people can tell you didn't put thought into it if it's crap, right? And it's the thought that counts.

This year I decided to do Hot Cocoa in a jar, and Maple Pumpkin Spice Pecans. And it turned out amazing! Not that I've given them out yet. But I'm hoping my friends and family will love them as much as I do. I made my husband taste test the recipe one night and he had like 4 mugs full of hot cocoa, and is now currently chocolated out for 2015. He loved it though, although he said he wanted marshmallows, and I said no...because they are not good for you! I'm just a controlling wife I guess. Ha! But I control with love. 

I got the Hot Cocoa in a jar recipe from elanas pantry, and the pumpkin spice pecan recipe here. But don't cook your pecans at 400°F...because you may end up burning a whole tray and yelling at your husband because he was supposed to be watching them while you were breastfeeding. Just a warning. I ended up baking the rest at 250°F for about an hour, which I pulled from another recipe. 

And then I bought adorable little quilted mason jars and tags for the hot cocoa, and holiday food baggies for the pecans.

Voila! A beautiful (and delicious) gift for your loved ones. 

I also decided that instead of bows, I was going to do foliage this year, which ended up being free because my florist is awesome and she let me just use wreath scraps from the floor to garnish my gifts. I think it came out quite nice, no? 

Happy gifting, and Happy Holidays!!


free as a bird.

This is my favourite print. Because we all need to be free, no? I love the simplicity of it, and the way the words fit together. So check it out in the shop! It might be the perfect addition to your space!

I'm going to be updating the website a lot in the upcoming months, with new product photography, new products, and some new branding. So check back often to see what's new. 


free gift tag download

So if you have been reading my blog, you know that gifting is not my forte. So I often get to it a little late in the season. This week I realized I was going to need tags for all my gifts! Of course. So I decided to whip a cute little gift tag up - and I thought that maybe if you are like me and haven't got your shit together yet - that you may want one too! So here it is. Free gift tags for all!

Just print on a nice thick cardstock - and cut out your tag using an x-acto knife and a ruler. Make sure to cut a tiny bit within the lines. Then just use a hole punch to punch out your hole. And voila! Gift tags.

Happy Holidays!! 


it's not winter yet


It doesn't feel like winter in Canada right now. So I figured, why not wear a crop top! Right? It's not so cold that we're freezing out butts off everytime we step outside for 2 seconds, so I'd rather not wear my parka if I can help it. I'm totally loving these new leather pants that I got from aritzia. They're so comfy and they go with everything. They are pretty much on repeat every day now.

Also, do you know what is great about leather pants? You can clean the baby food off of them SO easily. I find I'm washing my clothes way more these days because I'm covered in banana and squash and whatever else my little person happens to be eating. See, not only fashion, but also function! I'll tell that to my husband if he asks me if they are new. Let's hope he doesn't notice.