holiday madness

The holiday madness has begun. 2 weeks to go, people! So if you're like me, you're like 'OH SH!T, I"M SO NOT READY!!'. And this year is no different. I did however manage to wrap a few gifts to photograph. Of course they are black and white. What else would they be? And with these handy little boxes, no actual wrapping paper is required. Winning! 

But enough about me. Have you seen the new prints in the shop? They are gold foil. And I am in love with them! They look better in real life actually. So pretty. I'm currently planning where to put them all in my house. But I can never make a decision, so that will probably take months. 

Also, if you happen to live in Montreal, they are now stocked at the most adorable boutique, Boucle et Papier. So you should totally pop in there and take a look! I'm actually thinking of taking a trip to Montreal just to visit this store. It is seriously that cute. And I bet they have adorable holiday wrapping supplies.

Happy Holidays!!!




mama / baby style

As a relatively new mama, I find that it's sometimes super difficult to get dressed. Not only is my little person crawling around my room pulling things out of drawers and throwing my perfume bottles at the wall while I try to put on my makeup and get dressed as quickly as humanly possible, but I'm just so tired that I don't feel super creative about my wardrobe. Enter black. Black is my go-to for pretty much every day. I think the trick is really just to mix up the textures and add some fun accessories. I have a hat problem, so accessories are not an issue for me. I'll wear the same outfit with a different hat, and voila! New outfit. 

But after I'm dressed, I also have to get Hunter dressed. Which I really dread actually because he squirms around like crazy and screams at me because he hates to have to lay down for any period of time. I can barely keep him down long enough to get his bum clean most of the time. Does anyone else have this problem!? I think he just wants to get up and go. Nobody can stop this kid. He means business. 

So I find any way possible to get him into his clothes. Sometimes I have to put his pants on him while he's trying to walk around the edges of his crib. And this is no easy task. Let me tell you. He looks cute, but OMG is he a handful. Somehow I still manage to get him into some outfit that is either grey or black, or probably a mixture of the two. We are matchy matchy. I can't help it. 

I am in love with this new beanie I ordered from rufusandmurdog for him though. It is so soft and SO cute - when I can get him to keep it on that is. Kid always takes it off as soon as I get him into it. Unless we are outside. At least he knows to keep it on when it's cold, right?! And same goes for the shoes...why doesn't he want to keep them on? Doesn't he know how stylish they are? I'm seriously thinking of getting a pair of matching Adidas superstars for myself and then we can be twinsies. SO fun. 

Anyways, enjoy the pics, and here are some links to where this stuff is from. 

beanie rufusandmurdog  shoes adidas  hoodie roots

beanie similar jacket similar jeans oneteaspoon  sunglasses forever21







It is amazing how fast time flies when you're a stressed out maniac. Already my little Hunter Rhys is one year old! 

I told myself that I wasn't going to go all out for his birthday, but I totally did anyways. I couldn't help myself. Even though he wont remember it, I will remember it. It's the anniversary of that day when I had the most horrific pain in my life, and then I popped out this little miracle - right on our bedroom floor. I hate to get mushy, but it really did change everything for me. I just love him to bits! 

Of course it was all black and white themed - what else would it be, really?! And because I am somewhat of a health fanatic - I made gluten free paleo vanilla cupcakes with chocolate icing - which were delicious, but let's just say fancy baking is really not my forte. There was many an f-bomb dropped in the process of baking them, and I may have almost killed my dogs by inadvertently dropping chocolate all over the kitchen floor. Woops! next year I'm totally having someone bake them for me. I also made chocolate cake, and banana bread, and pizza! Because it's a children's party, I felt this was justified. And it was so yummy (even though it was gluten free. Mmm gluten free!)

Hunter also decided after his initial interest in the big silver balloons at his party, that they were terrifying, so I have since had to remove them from the dining area, as he keeps looking at them and getting upset, and refusing to eat in their presence. I don't know what is so scary about them! Anyone else ever have this problem? Hopefully he's forgotten that by next year, because I fully plan on getting giant balloons again. I enjoy balloons as long as they don't pop - that is one thing that really freaks me out. 

Hope you enjoy the pics of my adorable little person. 







i don't always wear black

Most of the time I do wear black - but sometimes I dont. This coat has been a favourite of mine for a few years. I have worn it with everything. It may not be particularly warm when it's -15 and snowing, but I feel fab in it. It was also amazing when I was pregnant because it fit around my giant belly!

On a sidenote...I can't believe it's almost my little guys first birthday!! Was it really that long ago that I was a giant grump woman with a baby in her belly. I don't miss being pregnant. It was not good times for me. Thank goodness that little guy popped out and blessed us with his adorable little presence.

We are having his first birthday party this coming weekend. Yay! Pictures from that to come. 


date night.

This past Sunday my Husband and I went for our first meal out together without our little munchkin since before he was born. That is a seriously long time!!

So this was my outfit for date night. It was I was actually really happy that I chose the faux fur. And I just love this coat. It's so much fun! I bought it years ago and have hardly worn it. because how often can you really wear colourblocked fur? But I love it anyways! There's always that one piece in your closet that you love, but you struggle to find the appropriate occasion for it, no?


favourite things.

Lately I have been so crazy busy with my freelance work and the business that I keep forgetting to post photos on the blog! These photos are from a few weeks ago. But I love love these pants. I have been wearing leather pants of all kinds for years...and they still continue to be one of my favourite things. Just because I'm a Mama, doesn't mean I can't be badass, right? Next I think I need some leather leggings that I can just throw on when I've had no sleep and I want to be comfy for running errands. Mamas out there....fancy leggings are a life safer when you are sleep deprived! Which is like, all the time for me. 

pants zara bag zara coat zara boots similar


new in


I don't know about you guys - but we (and by WE I mean, not my husband - really just me) are seriously in holiday prep mode around here! It always come so fast, so this year I'm trying to get prepared early, so I'm not scrambling to get people cards and gifts at the last moment. Which has pretty much been the usual for me for many years. 

This is why I'm super pumped about the new Holiday cards in the shop! No holiday card shopping for me this year. So if you haven't gotten any cards yet - you should definitely consider some Melo & Co. cards. (don't mind the shameless self promotion - I have to make a buck too!) 

This year I'm thinking all my gifts are going to be wrapped in black, white and kraft. I'm thinking if I can find some black matte paper, and some nice black ribbon, that would be fabulous. I want all the gifts to look beautiful for once! Because my sister always shows me up with her perfectly wrapped gifts, while mine are haphazardly thrown together the night before. Anyone else have this problem?

More holiday inspo to come - so stay tuned! I'm prepping to do a seriously holiday post sometime soon. So check back, okay people?