This is the time of year when you can wear a coat with sandals and it's acceptable. Don't try this in the heat of the summer though because people might think you're crazy. This is one of my favourite things about transitional dressing. You can wear shorts with coats and sandals with sweaters and it's all good. Yay! Also I'm kind of obsessed with these slides and I want to wear them with everything - I just wish these pants were a tad longer on me so that they looked a little more dramatic. This is the problem with being tall, pants are always shorter on me than I'd like. I sometimes just wish I could be 5" shorter. It would make clothes shopping so much easier! #tallgirlproblems


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what I do

Sometimes I get so caught up in the whole fashion thing on my blog that I forget to share what I actually do for a living. First and foremost I'm a designer and letterer (although I've always been crazy for fashion too, and I did go to school for fashion!) What I love about my life now is that I somehow get to do both design and fashion for a living, and they are separate, but somehow one business at the same time...

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I actually bought this bomber jacket for my husband, but then I was looking for the right jacket to style with this pant/sweater combo and it was the perfect option...

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spring neutrals

While I love wearing neutrals all year round - they are especially essential in spring. When the sun comes out, it just makes you want to wear fresh, light colours, no!? ...

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on motivation

As a mom, sometimes it can be easy to lose motivation. You're tired, overworked, feeling blah, grumpy, PMS, your kid is always screaming, your husband wont get off the couch (only me!?), whatever. Even if you're not a mom it can be hard. So I've compiled a list of a few of my tips for staying motivated even when you feel like complete shit...

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dainty details

What's better for spring than pretty little things to make your outfit sparkle?!

I love these rings from Mejuri because they just add the right amount of dainty...

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new in

So, I've been meaning to post more 'mommy' lifestyle based blogs, but do you know how hard it is to photograph a toddler!? He just never stops moving...

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